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Have you considered the impact you can make in the lives of others? Camp Greenville is led by a staff team that work hard to make the experience great for all. Please click the button below to search full-time, part-time and seasonal positions as they become available.


2018 summer positions will open on December 1st! We are looking for counselors, trip leaders, program staff, lifeguards, and leadership staff. To submit an application click on the “Search Jobs” button and filter your search by Cleveland, SC


Fall 2018 STAFF

Summer is not the only time to work at camp! We are currently hiring for Fall 2018 program staff (employment from August 20th until November 21st). Live on site and work with our school groups, corporate groups, and retreats running outdoor education, team building, special events, and family camps. To apply click on the “search jobs” button. Applications are currently open for our the spring season.

Here is what some past Camp Greenville staff have to say  about working here:

“Working at camp changed my life. I’ve always loved being in contact with nature and different people and last summer I had the immense pleasure to work at YCG. There, I met incredible people, I had unforgettable experiences, I grew up as a human being and also, had the greatest time of my life being part of all the fun with the campers and staff. I highly recommend becoming a camp counselor.” -1st year on staff

“Summer camp at Camp Greenville is an indescribable experience – one that can only be experienced. The tradition, the programs, and the future is one of a kind. The days are long yet short, crazy yet relaxing, challenging yet fulfilling. I keep coming back because I’m the best version of myself at YMCA Camp Greenville.”-3rd year on staff

“Working at a summer camp was the most enjoyable job I’ve ever had! I often forgot I was working and had fun like never before! If you like children and doing things you’ve never done before, this is the right place! Camp Greenville gave me the best summer of my life! At Camp Greenville I lived the best experience of my life, I met wonderful people, inspiring children and amazing places. The camp changes lives!” -1st year on staff

“Working at Camp Greenville helped me grow in ways I never thought possible. Not only did I get to work alongside people who would become my closest friends, I got to help kids have the most unforgettable summers of their lives and I wouldn’t change that for the world.”-2nd year on staff

“Camp Greenville, what is there not to love about it?! It is so inclusive of so many different types of people, not just the campers but counselors also. Campers build life long friendships which is so important for social development! The reason why I love camp, is because you feel like a family and you get to spend time doing absolutely amazing things! I.e canoeing, zip line and of course, my favorite, carpetball! There is no judgement and campers really get to be who they want to be, and it’s not only accepted it’s encouraged! I miss camp everyday and I can not wait till I can spend my next summer just making amazing memories for myself and for the campers.”- 1st year on staff

“Working at Camp Greenville, you always have the opportunity to go the extra mile and make a kid’s day. If you engage your most playful and childish moods you’ll be a part of the fun that altogether makes that special Camp Greenville atmosphere.”-1st year on staff