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Meet our Staff

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team–all of who provide guidance, support, and encouragement to the Camp Greenville Staff–is composed of camp professionals whose backgrounds and experiences enable them to deal with the daily complexities of “operating” camp. Camp Greenville’s leadership team meets regularly throughout the year to plan and prepare for each and every camper, group and guest that steps foot on the property. The Leadership Team is assembled in hopes that each team member can bring a unique perspective and expertise to our group. Together, our team makes every effort to ensure that campers, families, and staff are afforded the best possible Camp Greenville experience!  We cannot emphasize how fortunate we feel in having all of you as part of the Camp Greenville family.


dsc_2806Cory Harrison–Executive Director

As the Executive Director, I’m committed to ensuring the very best in creative camp programming. I provide leadership to the various Camp Greenville staff teams to assist them in realizing and implementing a safe, fun, magical and education experience for all campers and guests. I have over 15 years of full-time camp staff experience as a Program Director and Executive Director at various Salvation Army and YMCA camps; and also spent 13 summers as a camper and summer-staffer at the same summer camp in Grand Rapids, MI. I make every effort to ensure that we hire a committed and highly skilled staff to facilitate camp programs. My other major focus is on the families and future of YMCA Camp Greenville. I communicate with families about their questions, cares, or concerns throughout the year and summer. I’m passionate about the history and the future of Camp Greenville equally and strive to guarantee that as “the seasons go round and round we look behind from where we came.” I have been on staff at Camp Greenville since April of 2016 and look forward to many more.


dsc_2880Greg Dodd–Associate Executive Director

In my role of Associate Executive Director, I am always looking on how we can impact youth and families here on the mountain. I provide leadership to all aspects of the camp operation. This year was my 25th year of directing summer resident camp programs. I am very passionate about making sure every person that comes to camp has a meaningful, impactful, inclusive and fun experience. I look forward to Camp Greenville growing and changing with the future projects that are planned.  I have been on staff at Camp Greenville since February 2014





dsc_2842Jenna Johnson–Summer Camp Director

As the Summer Camp Director here at Camp Greenville,  I am responsible for our Summer Camp and Family Camp programs. I have the privilege of hiring, training and supervising our amazing summer staff team. I am the counselor’s counselor! On a day to day basis, I also implement program ideas, organize the camp schedule and events, and in the “off season” work hard to make each summer even better than the one before it. I have ten years of professional youth development experience in the recreation and resident camp field. Throughout college, I was a camp counselor and worked abroad as an international camp counselor!  I have been a part of the YCG family since November 2014 and love waking up in this special place every day. Whether this will be your 1st  or 10th year with us, our goal is to make Camp Greenville your home away from home, and we are excited to continue providing you magic on the mountain!


dsc_2860Marguerite Elmore-Group Services Director

As Group Services Director I am tasked with making sure the Fall Spring programing here at YMCA Camp Greenville runs smoothly.  This includes hiring seasonal staff, scheduling daily activities, communicating with schools and other contract groups, and making sure we give the participants here at camp the best experience possible.  I have held multiple positions here at YMCA Camp Greenville including Naturalist, Media Specialist, Program Staff, Summer Resource Staff, among many others. I also grew up participating in various camp activities since the 90’s.  I have been employed here at YMCA Camp Greenville since the Fall season of 2008.




dsc_2861Nicholas Patton–Adventure Director

As the Adventure Director, I am passionate about creating opportunities for your child’s personal growth through challenging, safe and fun experiences in the outdoors. I graduated from Montreat College with B.S.’s in Outdoor Education and Outdoor Ministry and have been working in the camping industry for the past nine years. I have grown in my leadership through assisting in building a summer camp, working for six years as a summer staff and full-time staff member at an all-boys camp in Black Mountain, NC and most recently by spending two years as the Summer Camp Director at a co-ed Bible camp in Lebanon, PA. I am well-versed with both certification and training in whitewater paddling, rock climbing, mountain biking, high ropes, zip lines, caving and backpacking. My hope is that through sharing my dedication, energy and excitement for adventure-based activities I can provide all of our staff and participants the opportunity to have a meaningful experience, whether at our high ropes course, on the climbing wall, in a raft paddling down the river or elsewhere in God’s creation. I have been working at Camp Greenville since March of 2016 and am excited to be on this journey. Remember, “Adventure is out there!”


dsc_2873Michael West–Property Manager

Holding the position of Property Manager at Camp Greenville, I utilize my knowledge and experience to maintain a safe and comfortable environment at camp. I have over 25 years experience in facility and hospitality management. Growing up and attending summer camp every year, I developed a sense of what I think a great camp should be. I’m striving and continually working with camp staff to help provide those same experiences to each camper. I have been on staff at camp since September 2015, and I am excited about what is unfolding for the future at Camp Greenville.




dianeDiane Jacques–Office and Chapel Manager

As the Office Manager and Fred W. Symmes Chapel Coordinator, I serve camp behind the scenes.   I am dedicated to ensuring that the leadership team has the tools they need to develop their programs and present them to their staff and campers.  I started at camp working directly with parents in getting their children registered for Summer Camp and assisting in Human Resources.  The majority of my time now is coordinating “Pretty Place.”  This has become a passion of mine, helping brides not just from the local area, but also from around the United States and internationally as well.   Since August of 2006, I have had the pleasure of seeing campers grow up from their first year at camp into young men and women who are just as enthusiastic about sharing their experiences and traditions of camp to the younger campers just starting out.





Ellie Santos–Business Process Specialist I

As part of the Camp Greenville team, I strive to make every parent and child’s registration experience seamless and educational. I have had the pleasure of being a part of the YMCA of Greenville team, since 2011 and genuinely enjoy serving members and program participants throughout the association. I assist new and returning Camp Greenville families with registration questions and concerns. I have dedicated my career to ensuring that every question, care or concern is addressed in a timely and professional manner, in an effort to make each family’s Camp experience an exceptional one. I have been a part of the Camp Greenville team, since November of 2015 and look forward to many more amazing years with Camp Greenville and all their amazing families.





Hope Scheving–Camp Registrar

As the Camp Greenville Registrar, my commitment is to ensure that a memorable experience is provided to all families before, during, and after their child’s stay at Camp Greenville. Throughout the year, my time is dedicated to communicating with parents to give them peace of mind and a sense of security about their child’s stay with us, as well as encouraging their child as they take this step of independence. I have been a part of the Camp Greenville team since May of 2013 and I look forward to many summers to come.






Kathleen Johnson – Development Specialist

As the Development Specialist, I am responsible for all contributing income that comes into YMCA Camp Greenville.   Gifts, both time and dollars, gives individuals in need the opportunity to come to Camp.   Working alongside camp staff, Board of Advisers, and community volunteers we accomplish great things for the community by way of raising scholarship dollars to help others…youth experiencing summer camp, families coming to Stargazers Family Camp, or school children arriving for Experiential Outdoor Education…are just a few ways generous and kind individuals help others in need.  Grant writing and Foundation connections are also in my wheel house.Working to help others is a great way to start every day, and to top it off…it all brings people outdoors, learning responsibility, resourcefulness and resilience.   I’d love to hear your camp story!