Summer Camp 2020 registration opens November 4th!


From a Traditional Family Camp Parent

“I can not tell you how very much we enjoyed our Labor Day weekend camp. We were the family with the 3 small children (pictured above). I was warned by another camp director from another facility that “family camps often turn into ‘cliques’ where the same families go year after year after year and it becomes almost THEIR camp”. I never felt that.  I know there were lots of new families there but I felt so graciously accepted and welcomed by everyone I met. Your staff is top notch, so accommodating and so friendly.  The food was delicious, the activities: well planned and supervised. My 3 1/2 year old grandson, called me afterward and told me “I miss camp.” We are all looking at our calendars and planning ahead for next year. I once read a book that was popular some 20 years ago when I was rearing my own children entitled “Children are Wet Cement.” The outstanding staff there at Camp Greenville, definitely engraved your initials in the “wet cement” of our family.”

From a Spectrum Family Camp Parent

“My daughter has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and Childhood Anorexia. When we came to camp for the first time she was afraid of most everything. Within 3 hours of being there though, we could visibly see her relax. There is something about Camp Greenville and the people that work here that have put her at ease in a way that she is no place else. During that first weekend she shot a bow and arrow, shot a rifle, went bouldering, stood in the middle of a group of adults and children and spoke to them without showing fear and the list goes on and on.  Since then we have been back two more times. This last time we saw her sit beside a staff member, pet a snake and hike almost fearlessly through the woods. When she is at Camp Greenville she actually seems like every other kid. It brings happy tears to my eyes as I watch her be able to do things I was afraid she would never experience. She has taken some of the bravery she has learned at camp out into the real world too. She started kindergarten this year and I know that many of the things she has experienced at camp have helped her to face this new situation. I have learned while watching her at camp that bravery is not a lack of fear but being willing to do things in spite of your fear. I believe that her experiences at Camp Greenville have helped her to become a more confident child. Thank you for providing a safe accepting environment for her to do this.”