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Adventure Guides & Trailblazers

Adventure Guides & Trailblazers

“Being a father is the greatest privilege given to any man.” — Monk Mulligan

The YMCA’s Adventure Guides program has been providing opportunities for fathers and their children ages 5-8 along with its partner program Trailblazers for fathers and their children ages 9-13 to develop strong relationships through positive experiences since 1925.

The Adventure Guides are father/child pairs who are grouped into Expeditions of six to ten dads and their kids from the surrounding community. Expeditions meet monthly for a 90-minute meeting. Expeditions take part in monthly Federation Events. Events include two campouts at YMCA Camp Greenville, family cookouts, a father/child cake bake/chili cook-off, and a father-daughter semi-formal Valentine’s dance. The commitment is small: one 90-minute Expedition meeting and one event a month. The payoff is huge!

Program Cost & Registration

2018 – 2019 Pricing  [Registration Open Now]

$55 per person (separate charge for dad and child) for YMCA of Greenville members.

$65 per person (separate charge for dad and child) for community members.

To register, scroll to the top of this page, click “Register Now” and on the next page choose Adventure Guides.

Adventure Guides Upcoming Events

Adventure Guides (campers ages: 5-8) Fall Campout is October 5-7, 2018 [Registration Opens August 27th]

Trailblazer (campers ages: 9-13) Campout is October 12-14, 2018 [Registration Opens August 27th]

Adventure Guides (campers ages: 5-8) Spring Campout is May 3-5, 2019  [Registration Opens February 18th]

Adventure is waiting…high atop the Blue Ridge Mountains. Registration Opening in Late August.