Summer Camp 2020 registration opens November 4th!

School Programs


At YCG-OC students explore our 1,400+ acre classroom high in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Learning is experiential and often student-led as curiosities flourish and natural abilities burst forth. We invite you and your students to visit our outdoor classroom—the hardwood forest, creak beds, hiking trails, lakeshore, scenic overlooks and waterfalls—where education lives and breathes.  Our location is just a short 1 hour drive from Greenville, SC and Asheville, NC and we have many natural ecosystems to explore. The staff at YCG-OC believe that experiencing nature through hands-on exploration leads to lifelong awareness and understanding in school age children. Here, students learn the natural way and experience transformation. Our YCG-OC staff can help you design and conduct programs that meet the standards of South and North Carolina curriculum and the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). But we do more than offer top-notch environmental education, academic support in reading, writing, math, science and art, challenging adventure courses, and recreation. We impart our four-core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility—the foundation of everything we do—to students and teachers alike, sparking the transformation from student to leader in just a few days, inspiring a passion for lifelong learning.

A typical outing at YMCA Camp Greenville consist of a 3 – 5 day program which includes meals, lodging, and all activities. Students will be engaged in activities from breakfast through dinner and enjoy an exciting evening program.

Our Program Accomplishes Your Goals

If your goal is to help children learn more about the environment in which we live — then we share the same goal! YMCA Camp Greenville’s Environmental Education Program is a highly organized outdoor learning experience. We aim to help students find out more about the outdoors – and themselves – by providing teaching activities which take place in the outdoors.

We believe that experiencing nature through hands-on exploration leads to lifelong awareness and understanding. Read on, and we think you will find that our program can be an outstanding complement to classroom learning and can assist you in meeting your curriculum goals.

In fact, your students will probably learn a lot more than the concepts and vocabulary that are part of the curriculum. The experience of an extended field trip that we offer leads to learning on many levels.  To learn more about how our classes correlate with the South Carolina and North Carolina course of study please view our program packet located in the teacher resources.

Our Staff Make the Difference in Your Experience

Each instructor at Camp Greenville has been trained in a child-centered approach to teaching. With a ratio of 10-14 students per instructor, you can be assured that your students will have a safe and individualized learning experience full of fun and adventure.

Our Facilities Make Your Stay Comfortable

Groups are lodged in winterized, dormitory-style cabins with teachers and chaperones. Full bathroom facilities are located inside each cabin. Meals are served family-style in our Dining Hall. Sheltered and winterized classroom areas are available if the weather does not allow outdoor activities.


  • We offer a variety of activities that correlate with your curriculum and state standards.
  • Teachers are able to choose activities from a large list of options that provide a balance of learning experiences.
  • We also offer recreational activities like archery, canoeing, or a hike to our spectacular 150 ft. waterfall.
  • We support personal growth and challenge students to work together.
  • We ensure that you and your students will have a safe, challenging, and exciting experience.