Summer Camp 2020 registration opens November 4th!

YMCA Camp Greenville-OC FAQ

What is the average temperature there like?

We are on the very top of a mountain, so temperatures are typically about 10 degrees cooler here than on the bottom of the mountain in Greenville, SC.  We also have more wind.  Click here for current weather conditions.

What should we pack?

Click Here to see a suggested packing list for your trip.  Remember that it is best to bring plenty of layers to wear as the temperature can vary greatly from morning to afternoon.  For day trips bring layers to wear(sweatshirts, raincoat, etc…), and a water bottle

Is camp fun?

We think camp is tons of fun with all the different activities you can do and new things to see and try.  But, if you will have fun depends a lot on you and the attitude you bring up to camp with you.  If you are willing for an adventure this is for you.

When do we eat?  And what do we eat?

Meals are served regularly at 8am for breakfast, 12:30pm for Lunch and 6:00pm for dinner.  This may vary slightly for the needs of different groups.  Breakfasts consist of hot items like biscuits with bacon and eggs, or pancakes with sausage, as well as a variety of cold cereals and whole fruit like apples and oranges.  Lunches vary from deli sandwiches,to burritos, to pizza and are always served with a large salad bar with sliced fruit.  Supper consists of a hot dish like spaghetti or turkey and mashed potatoes along with a smaller salad bar available and of course dessert! Water, Milk, and Soy milk are available at all meals as well as some sort of juice, typically orange juice at breakfast,and lemonade or fruit punch at lunch and supper.  There is hot coffee and tea as well as sweet tea available for adults. There is also a vegetarian option available upon request, this must be done before arrival.

What are the cabins like?

All cabins for school groups (referred to as our Ridge top and Lakeside Cabins) are winterized with bathrooms and showers inside.  The cabins are equipped with sturdy built in bunk beds and a drawer or shelf for storage.  Participants do need to provide their own bed linens, pillow, and towels.

What kind of training does your staff receive?

Staff are trained in child abuse prevention, CPR/First Aid and epinephrine certification, many also hold higher levels of first aid such as a Wilderness First Responder certification.  Most of our program instructors have college degrees and prior experience working either in the outdoor education field or with children and youth.  At the beginning of each fall and spring season we hold a two week staff training that includes instruction in teaching each of our classes as well as in depth training with the adventure activities such as climbing and high ropes.  Every February our staff participates in the annual southeastern AEE conference at YMCA Camp Greenville providing further training from a variety of experts within the field. We also hold in-services throughout the year and encourage staff attendance at trainings held at other professional institutions.