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Letter From the Executive Director of YCG

Outdoor Classroom

Letter From the Executive Director YMCA Camp Greenville

Dear Educator,

Outside of school, away from textbooks, lectures and tests, students often surprise us. At YMCA Camp Greenville, located high atop the Blue ridge Mountains just 1 hour from Greenville and Asheville, learning is experiential and student-led. Curiosities ourish and natural abilities astound us.

I’m writing to invite you and your students to visit our outdoor classroom – the forest, waterfalls, hiking trails, lakeshore and creek beds  – where education lives and breathes. Here, students learn the natural way and experience transformation.

It’s often the child who is distracted in the classroom who conquers the zip line or the boy who is always picked
last in gym class who leads the way up the steep trail to Rainbow Falls. Often, it is the shy girl who excitedly points out the constellations in the star lab observatory or the struggling student who shines in ways his teachers and fellow classmates have never seen before and will never be forgotten. In our natural environment, children blossom into young leaders before your eyes.

Our experienced Program Instructors offer classes that meet the North and South Carolina  state curriculum standards and the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Education grants. Along with our top-notch environmental education classes, we also offer academic support in reading, writing, math, science and the arts. Students will develop problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills and self confidence on our challenging adventure and  teambuilding courses. We offer many outdoor and seasonal recreational activities giving students opportunities to experience things new and exciting, hoping to foster a connection with the outdoors and their peers. We impart our values – the foundation of everything we do – to students and teachers alike, sparking the transformation from student to leader in just a few days and inspiring a passion for lifelong learning. We sow the seeds of caring, community, diversity, honesty, inclusiveness, respect, responsibility and stewardship and you reap the bene ts back at school all year round.

Please take a look at all the pages on the Outdoor Classroom section of our website for an introduction to YMCA Camp Greenville’s Outdoor Classroom. Better yet, schedule a site visit to experience our camp and outdoor classrooms firsthand. Or, if you’d rather, we can come to you with a presentation to introduce our programs to your students, parents and/or school administrators.  Sincerely,


Cory Harrison, Executive Director
Voice: 864.836.3291 Extension 103 | Email: Group Services