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Camp Culture

Camp Greenville Culture

All great camps are built on tradition and Y Camp Greenville is one of the best. Whether it’s getting an update from Captain Food Waste, singing Ole’ Lady Leary, taking a Fog Jog or becoming a Monk’s Old Timers, everyone can be a great boy or a great girl at camp Greenville. Take some time to learn some camp songs, discover 100 summers of tradition or see what happens before breakfast at Morning Activities.

YCG Traditions – Over 100 Summers


This award (bandana) is given only to those cabins who do all of the following: keep the cabin clean every day, complete 3 hikes of length, lead a song, do a service project for Camp and do a random act of kindness.


Each Mountaineer Traditional cabin spends one night out at one of the Camp shelters. They cook their supper at the shelter. Explorer campers also use packout shelters for adventure trips. The shelter names are: Sub Barn, Sub Camp, Smith 88, 5th and Main, Copperhead, Jabba the Hut, Zeke’s Place and Old Riflery.

Pajama Jam

Every Saturday before breakfast the whole camp gathers at the tennis courts in their pajamas for one last dance party.


This is the top honor of Camp Greenville. Those campers who are here for their 5th year become Monk’s Old Timers (named for legendary Camp Greenville director Monk Mulligan). These campers have a special ceremony, get a Monks old Timer t shirt and get to light the closing campfire.


Building on the top honor of Camp Greenville, becoming a Monk’s Old Timer, this is for campers who are here for their 10th summer and is camp most secret club.

Herbie the Heron

This is the award given to campers who do the Polar Bear Swim each morning.

Early Morning Activities

Monday-Friday mornings campers can choose from five different activities to do before breakfast. They include the Fog Jog (run to Pretty Place Chapel), Bouldering (horizontal rock climbing in the Adventure center), Yoga or Beast Mode (High Intensity Exercise at the Adventure Center), GaGa Ball, Playout, Polar Bear Swim in Lake Rotary

Breakfast of Champions

On Wednesdays campers have the chance to do all 5 Early Morning Activities. Those who do receive the Breakfast of Champions Medallion.

Chapel at Pretty Place

Once a week we have a chapel service at Pretty Place. Chapel is lead by our Executive Director and always a focus on one of the core-values of camp; caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Morning Shine

Tuesday-Friday mornings we meet at the Opening Campfire for a short devotional. This happens just after Early Morning Activities and just before breakfast.


Each night the cabin group evaluates the day and learns about character development.


Before most meals the camper gather at the flag pole for songs, roll call and flag raising and lowering.