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Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program Defined

The Leadership Development Program is a week-long leadership program for teens entering 10th-12th grade that focuses on character development. This program is for those who love camp and want to learn the skills necessary to transition from camper to camp staff member. LDPs learn about leadership, camp counseling techniques, including how to be a positive role model for the campers, and how to facilitate camp activities. LDPs who successfully complete the three levels of this program will have a skill set that will transfer to any career path.

All LDP years are based on what grade you are entering in the Fall of 2018. Click your class year below to read more. Please note: LDP sessions are not eligible for any discounts due to being highly discounted already.

Service Corps Note: Any student can choose to do Service Corps for Sessions A-H. They must however also be signed up for an LDP session at some point during the summer. The insures that our potential future staff members are getting cabin leadership experience.

Come to camp for 1 BASE or ADVENTURE camp week (any week you choose) and live with the campers and counselors serving as a role-model for the cabin. Training intensifies becoming more program specific as you will be in charge of campers at various parts for the day. You will also have a daily meeting with the camp’s Leadership Staff in which you will talk about the process and learn new skills to help you become a better LDP.

 Come to camp for 2 BASE or ADVENTURE camp weeks (any weeks you choose) for the price of one. Juniors have increased responsibility, time with campers and expectations. Camp Greenville is much more selective of those who progresses to this level as we will seriously begin to talk about their role as future staff members at YMCA Camp Greenville. You can also add one or two weeks of Service Corps in replacement of one of your LDP weeks at no cost. 

Come to camp for 3 BASE or ADVENTURE camp weeks (any weeks you choose). Senior LDPs will experience top level responsibility including cabin responsibilities and leadership. Senior LDPs are the largest pool of potential staff members.  All seniors are granted a formal staff interview in the winter. You can also add one or two weeks of Service Corps in replacement of one of your LDP weeks at no cost. 

What Is Service Corps?

The Service Corps offers students the opportunity to serve the camp community for one or two-week periods during the summer camping season. Service Corps members can be seen helping the staff all over camp, especially in the dining hall, maintenance department, pack-out, camp store, main office, program office, horse barn and water front.  The Service Corps is a fantastic opportunity for young people to make friends, contribute their skills and expertise to camp, and live in a beautiful mountain environment for one to two-weeks beyond the regular camp experience. Participants will be expected to work hard each day. This is a unique program for those who want to give their all in return for the satisfaction of helping behind the scenes and giving to the camp community as a whole.

Who can sign up for Service Corps

All levels of LDPs (sophomores, juniors and seniors) can exchange any of their LDP weeks with a week on Service Corps. PLEASE NOTE: Campers MUST be signed up for an LDP week in addition to participate in Service Corps. Service Corps has no cost with the new changes.

How do I sign up?

Participating as an LDP is a program you must apply for and be accepted into. It is a competitive process and spaces are limited.

The application for 2018 has closed and all of our spots have been filled. Please reach out to us around October 1 for the 2019 application!