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Base Camp


Base Camp (formerly known as traditional or mountaineer camp) is our one or two-week traditional camping program that is designed to offer a well-balanced schedule of activities to suit the interests of any camper. Base Camp is suited for campers of all ages and offers fun and challenges as campers “venture into the unknown.” Campers are organized into grade-group based divisions.

Division Grade in Fall 2017
2nd, 3rd, 4th
  5th, 6th, 7th
8th, 9th
10th, 11th, 12th

Each division has programs and activities suitable for that grade group. This offers the best “all round” camping experience to create fun, exciting and memorable time that will have a profound impact on any young persons life. Check out the ‘Activities’ page to see a sample of the activities offered.

A Sample Daily Schedule

Each morning campers participate in elective activity periods. Campers are grouped by age in order to make the activity as challenging and developmentally appropriate as possible. Instructors maintain the highest level of safety and follow a standard activity lesson plan; standards established by national organizations (the American Red Cross, the National Riflery Association, the American Canoeing Association, the Camp Horsemanship Association, the YMCA, etc.) are followed where appropriate. Activity goals include making the activity interesting and fun for the camper; helping the camper develop and refine skills in the activity area; and encouraging the camper to set goals and challenge themselves.

Afternoons provide the opportunity for the cabin group to play and work together in the natural beauty of our mountain setting. Afternoon cabin activities might include: a hike to a special location at camp such as Rainbow Falls or “Pretty Place”; a free swim in Lake Rotary; working together to complete the requirements for “Cabin of Excellence”; developing team work via the Group Challenge and/or High Ropes; playing sports such as soccer or softball; or any of a dozen other fun and exciting group building activities. Afternoon schedules are planned by the cabin counselors and focus on giving the cabin group the chance to enjoy each other and cultivate friendships that will last a lifetime.

Evening programs provide opportunities for fun, new experiences and inspiration. Each night there is a program for the interaction of the cabin group, the division group, or the entire camp. Some nights offer events for small group bonding with the others in a camper’s cabin. Other nights bring the entire camp together as one large family: talent shows; group games like Capture the Flag or Revenuers & Moonshiners; or fun filled campfires with songs, skits, sharing and special memories. Finally, the last part of each camper’s day is spent in the cabin just before lights out. This time is used for campers and counselors to go over the days events or discuss topics of interest. Inspirational vespers help put closure to the end of each camper’s day and adds a very special meaning to camp for everyone.

Dates and Rates

There are a couple of options for you to chose from if you’d like to consider Base Camp for your camper. And don’t forget to check out the ‘Dates and Rates and Discounts’ page to read more about what discounts you may qualify for.  Just $100 saves your spot for the summer and payment options and plans are available!

Non-Member *YMCA Member

One Week

This is our most popular option with most campers choosing to come for one week.

$830 $700

Two Week

A new addition in 2017! This a true 2 week experience for campers. They will have the same cabin mates, same counselor, same cabin and will attend opening and closing campfire only once during the 2 weeks.

$1,500 $1,275


The best of both worlds! Attend one week of Adventure and one week of BASE camp.

$1,500 $1,275


If you want a 2 week experience but would would like to switch it up a bit or the 2-week session dates don’t work for you, then a stay-over is what you need. 2 weeks of BASE camp, no stay over fee and tons of fun!

$1,585 $1,325

*Greenville YMCA Member Rate (15% discount)