Summer Camp 2020 registration opens November 4th!

Summer Camper FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most commonly asked questions from campers and parents. Please click to the question that you’d like to know more about! If there is information you need that isn’t provided here please reach out to camp at 864-836-3291 ext 0518 or email .

Camp Greenville offers a wide variety of programs including swimming in Lake Sudie, canoeing and kayaking and stand up paddleboarding, lots of arts and crafts, rock climbing, target sports, a great high ropes course, a zip line, sports and games, fort building, teambuilding, and hiking/outdoor skills.  Some activities are restricted to certain grades for safety and progression reasons. Check out our activities page to see more.

We can almost always have you in a cabin with a same gender friend if you are in the same Division and as long you and your friend request each other on the registration forms.  We group the cabins by our division ages – Division 1 ( 2nd-4th grade), Division 2 (5th and 6th grade), and Division 3 ( 7th-9th grade), Division 4 (10th-12th grade).  Camp is always great with friends. The ones you come with and the new ones you make.

Base Camp Daily Schedule

7:00am-Wake up

7:30am- Early Morning Activities

8:30am- Breakfast

9:00am-Cabin Clean up

9:30am- Morning shine

9:45-12:45pm- Cabin activities


1:45-2:45pm- Rest Hour

3:00-5:00pm- Camper Choice Time

5:00pm- Rendezvous and Cabin time


7:30-Evening Program

8:30pm- Slow songs and vespers

For adventure tripping itinerary please click HERE

Every Friday night we have a themed dinner in the Dining Hall to celebrate at the end of session.  We encourage campers and staff to dress-up for this special occasion.  The weekly themes will be posted by March 1, 2020.

Camp is an active place where you are outside having fun, playing sports, and doing amazing things.  You can bring things like books, board games, cards, cameras, flashlights, and other fun stuff, plus any sports equipment you like.  If you bring a mountain bike for the adventure program, it can be used only on the adventure trips and not in camp.  Since you’ll be so busy, you won’t have time for I-pods, game boys, cell phones, etc.  Cell phones don’t get signal at camp anyway, so they are useless.  Don’t bring things like water balloons, fireworks, skateboards, knives or any type of weapon.  Of course, any type of tobacco (including e-cigs, vapes, or juuls), alcohol or illegal drug is NOT allowed.

Click here for a detailed packing list

Each meal has great food like you get at home. Breakfasts always have good cereals, juice and fruit, plus eggs,pancakes, or French toast.  Lunch is great stuff like grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, soft tacos, etc., plus a complete salad bar and fresh fruit bar. For dinner, we offer things like as chicken legs, spaghetti, turkey, etc., along with vegetables and a salad bar.  After dinner you get dessert!  In addition, you can get a snack in the middle of the afternoon at the camp store Tues-Fri.

Dietary needs: we accommodate vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, nut free, and no red meat/pork. Any other needs must be discussed with the Camp Director by calling 864-836-3291 ext 0512. You may also call or email to discuss any dietary concerns with our Food Service Director, James Box at 864-836-3291 ext 0516 or email address

After the fun evening programs (campfires, packout, capture the flag, etc.) end, you head back to your cabin to get ready for bed and vespers. Vespers is a time to talk about the day, think about what you’ve learned, and set goals for the next day. After vespers, you’ll go to sleep sometime between 9:30 PM and 11 PM, depending on your division.

The cabins are fun places where you, your cabin mates, and counselors will live.   We have three different villages of cabins: the Ridgetops, the Lakesides, and the Adventure Cabins. Base camp uses the Ridgetop and Lakeside cabins, which have electricity, heat, hot water, toilets, and private, individual showers. The Adventure Camp uses our Adventure cabins that have running water, toilets, and electricity.  Shower houses are nearby that have private, individual shower stalls.  No cabins have air-conditioning – it is not needed due to the cooler weather up on the mountain but most campers would recommend a bunk fan.

Ridgetop Cabin

If you want to sign up for 2 individual one week sessions you can sign up for stayover in between sessions so you don’t have to go home and come back. Stayover is $50 per camper and includes laundry service and a souvenir laundry bag.

Stayover is only available to campers who are attending consecutive weeks of camp. This can include multiple weeks of adventure, multiple weeks of base camp, or a combination of adventure and base camp! Our 2 week session (Monks Ultimate and Outback already factor stayover into registration)

2020 Schedule

No stayover offered after session 0 (June 6)

Saturday June 13 (connecting session 1 to 2)

Saturday June 20 (connecting session 2 to 3)

Saturday June 27 (connecting session 3 to 4)

No stayover offered after session 4 (July 4)

Saturday July 11 (connecting session 5 to 6)

Saturday July 18 (connecting session 6 to 7)

Saturday July 25 (connecting session 7 to 8)