Summer Camp 2020 registration opens November 4th!

Summer Camper FAQ

It is the mission of  YMCA Camp Greenville to provide a safe, fun, magical and educational experience for all campers. We strive to create opportunities for personal growth and new friendships while always keeping physical and emotional safety a priority. At Camp Greenville we build relationships through camp activities while teaching and practicing the YMCA core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. We hope that Camp Greenville becomes a yearly tradition in your family. 

Frequently Asked Questions- Pre Registration

Below are some of our most commonly asked questions that may help you know a bit more about us before you register. If there is information you need that isn’t provided here please reach out to camp at 864-836-3291 ext 0518 or email .

YMCA Camp Greenville sits on 1400 acres. We are lucky to have forests full of hiking trails, two waterfalls, a fishing lake, a swimming/canoeing lake, and an incredible mountain view. We are spoiled with our geography  and take advantage of our surroundings to run great programs and activities. Click HERE for more specifics.

Our first summer was in 1912 and we are honored to uphold an incredible legacy. To find out more about our camp culture and traditions click HERE. There have been many impactful changes over the years but one thing has stayed constant and that is the “Magic on the Mountain”. We hope we have the chance to show your camper exactly what that means this summer!

Our goal at Camp Greenville is to provide safe, fun, magical and educational experiences through our core values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility.

Camp Greenville offers a wide variety of programs including swimming in Lake Sudie, canoeing and kayaking and stand up paddleboarding, lots of arts and crafts, rock climbing, target sports, a great high ropes course, a zip line, sports and games, fort building, teambuilding, and hiking/outdoor skills.  Some activities are restricted to certain grades for safety and progression reasons. Check out our activities page to see more.

We have 3 main programs at camp: Base Camp, Specialty Camp, and Adventure Camp.

In Base Camp, campers rotate through activities as a cabin every Tues-Fri morning. These activities are predetermined for their Division and cabin as well as activities the cabin votes on. In the afternoon, campers have the opportunity to pick what they want to do based on their own interest. The activities in the afternoon are announced daily at lunch time. Campers can pick the same type of activity every day or choose new ones. Its totally up to them, but there is always a ton of variety.

In Adventure Camp, campers participate in our all camp traditions Sunday, Monday and Friday evenings along with Base Camp. Tuesday morning they leave for whatever trip they chose at registration. They are either away from main camp but on camp property (Division 2) or off of camp property (Division 3 and 4) until Friday afternoon. Their activities during the week are dependent on their chosen trip but full of fun adventures.

We can almost always have you in a cabin with a same gender friend if you are in the same Division and as long you and your friend request each other on the registration forms.  We group the cabins by our division ages – Division 1 ( 2nd-4th grade), Division 2 (5th and 6th grade), and Division 3 ( 7th-9th grade), Division 4 (10th-12th grade).  We do limit the number of friends in any one cabin as this can cause problems with cliques or some campers being excluded. Camp is always great with friends. The ones you come with and the new ones you make.

Each meal has great food like you get at home. Breakfasts always have good cereals, juice and fruit, plus eggs,pancakes, or French toast.  Lunch is great stuff like grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, soft tacos, etc., plus a complete salad bar and fresh fruit bar. For dinner, we offer things like as chicken legs, spaghetti, turkey, etc., along with vegetables and a salad bar.  After dinner you get dessert!  In addition, you can get a snack in the middle of the afternoon at the camp store Tues-Fri.

Dietary needs: we accommodate vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, nut free, and no red meat/pork. Any other needs must be discussed with the Camp Director by calling 864-836-3291 ext 0512. You may also call or email to discuss any dietary concerns with our Food Service Director, James Box at 864-836-3291 ext 0516 or email address

The cabins are fun places where you, your cabin mates, and counselors will live.   We have three different villages of cabins: the Ridgetops, the Lakesides, and the Adventure Cabins. Base camp uses the Ridgetop and Lakeside cabins, which have electricity, heat, hot water, toilets, and private, individual showers. The Adventure Camp uses our Adventure cabins that have running water, toilets, and electricity.  Shower houses are nearby that have private, individual shower stalls.  No cabins have air-conditioning – it is not needed due to the cooler weather up on the mountain but most campers would recommend a bunk fan.

Ridgetop Cabin

Your biggest concern is for your child’s safety and we understand this. The health and safety of our campers is our top priority here at YMCA Camp Greenville. Regardless of how beneficial a program could be, it is worthless unless an effective camp health and safety program is in place and implemented by knowledgeable summer staff.


A new, state-of-the-art and well equipped GHS Health Center, is well is staffed with an RN or Paramedic along with Health Center Coordinator 24/7 when camp is in session.  In addition all of our summer staff are First Aid/CPR trained and certified. The safety of a great camp depends on the experience and professionalism of the director and their staff. We will give you a call if anything happens at camp that we would want to know about as parents. This includes spending more than one night in the infirmary or any needed visits to the nurse or doctor that require special medical attention.


On your Camp Greenville account page you will find a forms links. This link will include a few different forms that need to be completed, signed by you NOT A PHYSICIAN, prior to your camper attending. We will also ask you to let us know of any changes at check in so that we can make them to your account. Please fill these forms out prior to arriving to camp, campers who do not have the forms filled out will sadly have to be turned away. 


Campers are not permitted to keep any medications in their cabins. All camper prescription and non-prescription medications will be dispensed by the camp nurse or by the Trip Specialists while on adventure. Medications must be given to the medical staff during check in. All medications must be in the originally packaged bottles with their label.


YMCA Camp Greenville is proud to be an American Camp Association (ACA) accredited camp. The ACA nationally recognizes camps that meet the highest standards, focusing on health, safety and program quality. The accreditation process has over 300 safety and quality standards to which we must adhere.


Please call us in advance to discuss any medical conditions or special concerns that need to be managed at camp. Our first priority is being sure we can care for your child while at camp.


If you want to sign up for 2 individual one week sessions you can sign up for stayover in between sessions so you don’t have to go home and come back. Stayover is $50 per camper and includes laundry service and a souvenir laundry bag.

Stayover is only available to campers who are attending consecutive weeks of camp. This can include multiple weeks of adventure, multiple weeks of base camp, or a combination of adventure and base camp! Our 2 week session (Monks Ultimate and Outback already factor stayover into registration)

2020 Schedule

No stayover offered after session 0 (June 13)

Saturday June 20 (connecting session 1 to 2)

Saturday June 27 (connecting session 2 to 3)

No stayover offered after session 3 (July 4)

Saturday July 11 (connecting session 4 to 5)

Saturday July 18 (connecting session 5 to 6)

Saturday July 25 (connecting session 6 to 7)

Saturday Aug 1 (connecting session 7 to 8)

Registration is only available online.

Returning family: Click on the blue register now button and use your user name and password from past summers. If your password needs to be reset email Camper Services and we will help you out! Once you are logged in the system has stored all of your information so you will not have to start from scratch. It will walk you through any updates from last year and then you are able to register.

New family: Review the summer camp pages, click the blue register “button” at the very bottom of the page to begin your camper application. Our secure online registration system allows you to sign your campers up for camp, make payments and submit forms all from the comfort of your home.


Just one summer at camp can positively influence a child’s life forever and every child deserves that opportunity. Our confidential Financial Assistance Program allows numerous children, who would otherwise not be able to attend, to experience all that YMCA Camp Greenville has to offer.

Applications for assistance are available on February 1st after you pay you $100 deposit via your Camp Greenville account.  After February 1, log into your account and click the ‘forms’ tab. The form must be submitted online via the Camp Brain system.



Deposit is non-refundable and is due at the time of registration to hold your child’s place for selected camp(s).


While the deposit is non-refundable, it may be transferred to a sibling within the same household for a session during the same camp year. Notification of deposit transfer must be in writing and must be accompanied by an application for the replacement sibling a minimum of 7 days prior to arrival date (see session transfer policy).


Balance of all camp fees are due within 10 days prior to attending camp. Balances left unpaid after due dates may result in the camper losing his/her place in a chosen session.


If a parent withdraws their child from camp on or prior to April 15, a refund of fees paid will be given (less initial $100 deposit). If a parent withdraws their child from camp on or after April 16 no refund will be given unless cancellation is due to a valid medical reason (see cancellation policy).


Camp Greenville reserves the right to dismiss a camper due to behavioral issues. Refunds will not be given for camper dismissals.


While we try to be accommodating of circumstances, we ask parents to understand the adjustments to cabin assignments, food preparation, and staffing that is necessary when transfers are made. For this reason, requests must be made (in writing) a minimum of 7 days prior to arrival date.


Cancellations must be made in writing. Fees paid are non-refundable after April 15 (see refund policy) unless cancellation is for a valid medical reason. In this case, documentation signed by a physician must be provided. Medical-related cancellations will receive a refund of fees paid (less initial $100 deposit) or may be transferred to the following season for the same camper (less initial $100 deposit).

Camp Greenville reserves the right to adjust programming or cancel sessions based on the number of registrations. In this event, transfers will be made to alternate sessions without additional processing fees.


There will be a $25.00 fee for all checks returned or credit cards declined to Camp Greenville.  An official bank check, money order or credit card payment will be required to continue to secure the selected session(s).


Frequently Asked Questions- Post Registration

Now that you’re registered, see below for commonly asked questions before arrival. Camp staff will be in contact throughout the winter and spring with information, updates, and resources as well. As always, please reach out to camp at 864-836-3291 ext 0518 or email .

Camp is an active place where you are outside having fun, playing sports, and doing amazing things.  You can bring things like books, board games, cards, cameras, flashlights, and other fun stuff, plus any sports equipment you like.  If you bring a mountain bike for the adventure program, it can be used only on the adventure trips and not in camp.  Since you’ll be so busy, you won’t have time for I-pods, game boys, cell phones, etc.  Cell phones don’t get signal at camp anyway, so they are useless.  Don’t bring things like water balloons, fireworks, skateboards, knives or any type of weapon.  Of course, any type of tobacco (including e-cigs, vapes, or juuls), alcohol or illegal drug is NOT allowed.

Click here for a detailed packing list

During check in, you will take your campers medication and drop it with our medical team at the Health Hut. All medication including over the counter, must be in the originally packaged bottles with the original label. Campers are not permitted to keep any medications in their cabins. All camper prescription and non-prescription medications will be dispensed by the camp nurse or by the Trip Specialists while on adventure.


Every Friday night we have a themed dinner in the Dining Hall to celebrate at the end of session.  We encourage campers and staff to dress-up for this special occasion.  The weekly themes will be posted by April 1, 2020.

Drop off for both one and multi week sessions is the Sunday that starts their session. Gates open at 2:30pm and check in begins at 3:00pm at the office.

Pick up is on the last Saturday of your child’s session. Gates open at 9am and check out will be at your child’s cabin. Parent program will begin promptly at 9:30am at the airnasium.

Contacting your camper can be done one way by dropping off mail at check in, sending mail, or sending an email. Your child will not be able to call you and we are not able to bring them to the phone.  We will handle emergency situations on a case by case basis. Cell phones do not get service at Camp so they should be left at home.

MAIL-The best way to be sure your camper gets mail is to drop letters or packages off on opening day. It can take 4 – 6 days for mail to arrive at camp and be distributed. Care packages are welcomed, but we highly discourage food. If you are going to send food please send enough for the entire cabin and be sensitive to common allergies. 

During check in we will have a mail bin for each day of the week in which you can place letters or packages. Please label them with your childs name, session, day you would like it delivered and cabin name (obtained at check in).

If you would like to send mail use the address below:

Child’s Name, Session and Cabin Name (available at check-in)

YMCA Camp Greenville

4399 YMCA Camp Road, Cleveland, SC   29635

Emails—One-way emails (from you to your camper) can be sent by purchasing the communication package via your Camp Greenville account. Emails are printed each morning from the PREVIOUS day and delivered during lunchtime.No emails are delivered after Friday 1:00 p.m. unless your camper is in a multi week session or participating in stayover.

Please note: Adventure campers will ONLY receive mail and emails on Mondays and Fridays as they are away on their trip the remainder of the week.


Camp store

Money can be added to your campers account to be used at the camp store while they are at camp. We ask that you do not send cash to camp. Snacks are $2 each, shirts and souvenirs range from $5-$35.

If your camper is in Base Camp, they will have an opportunity to visit the camp store Monday-Friday to buy concessions and apparel. 

If your camper is in Adventure Trip Camp, they will have the opportunity to visit the camp store on Monday and Friday. Cash may be sent with them for their trip but it is not required and snacks are provided. 

The camp store will be open during check in and check out as well.


A recent study by the American Camp Association reported that nearly 96% of all boys and girls spending two weeks or more at overnight camps reported some homesickness on at least one day. Homesickness is not just common, it’s nearly universal, and it is also a rare opportunity for growth. A wonderful home deserves to be missed. But we are also made to engage the world we live in and to not be afraid to move toward opportunity, even when it means leaving behind things that are more familiar. A great camp for kids provides a safe and controlled environment to begin the adventure of healthy independence.

Homesickness is most acutely felt when campers have the least to do, which is of course the exact moment that they are able to write home! If you do get a sad letter please respond by doing two things quickly. First, write them an email letting them know that you understand they miss home but that you are also proud of them for their growth at camp. Next, please call us and let us know. Chances are that we will be aware that they have missed home, but we can also speak with their counselors and give you more information.

The fastest way for a camper to remain homesick is for you to say you will come get them if they remain homesick. It’s a circular promise that builds momentum in a camper’s planning so that they then find it very difficult to become a camper.
Parents make “the bargain” for a number of reasons, but it is often because they are just as concerned about time away from their camper as their camper is about time away from home. Just like our children need to develop a sense of adventurous independence, we as parents sometimes need to be stretched a little too. If this is true of you, it is okay, you’re in good company. Instead of making “the bargain” with your camper give us a call and let us give you details about how they are doing.

Base Camp Daily Schedule

7:00am-Wake up

7:30am- Early Morning Activities

8:30am- Breakfast

9:00am-Cabin Clean up

9:30am- Morning shine

9:45-12:45pm- Cabin activities


1:45-2:45pm- Rest Hour

3:00-5:00pm- Camper Choice Time

5:00pm- Rendezvous and Cabin time


7:30-Evening Program

8:30pm- Slow songs and vespers

For adventure tripping itinerary please click HERE

We love summer nights, lightning bugs, and evening program at camp. Our evenings at camp are so much fun. Here is a rundown of how our week looks each evening;

Sunday: Opening campfire and Ice Cream Dance Party

Monday: Cookout, all camp game, Chapel

Tuesday: D3/D4 packout, D1/D2 evening program

Wednesday: D2 packout, D1/D3/D4 evening program

Thursday: D1 packout, D2/D3/D4 evening program

Friday: Camper Show and Closing Campfire

Sunday, Monday, and Friday evenings are all camp activities. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday take place usually just with your Division. Tues- Thurs evening programs for Base camp may consist of Luau, Counselor Hunt, Banana Olympics, Messy Games etc. Adventure campers are out on their trip!

Once activities are done we come together to regroup and prepare to wind down for the evening. We sing slow songs and then return to our cabins for vespers, getting ready for bed, and lights out.